How to find us

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Top-Location in the medina

Riad Selouane has an excep­tion­al­ly favor­able loca­tion: on the edge of the med­i­na and yet right in the mid­dle of it. In the old town, which can only be reached on foot, but only a few meters away from the near­est taxi stand.

Near the roy­al palace Dar el Bacha with its secu­ri­ty present day and night. With a night­guard in the alley to keep you safe after dark.

It’s qui­et here, but turn two cor­ners and you’re right in the mid­dle of the hus­tle and bus­tle of the souks.

Some of the most pop­u­lar restau­rants and sights are less than a 3 minute walk away: Café Arabe, Ter­rasse des Epices, Jardin Secret, and Bacha Cof­fee House.

The Jemaa el Fna place is a 10-minute walk away and the air­port is a 20-minute taxi ride away.

And above all: easy to find for our guests.

Map of general location of Riad Selouane
Gen­er­al loca­tion of Riad Selouane

How to find us — from the Medina

If you want to get to Riad Selouane from the souks of the med­i­na, the best place to head for is the Jardin Secret. Direct­ly oppo­site is the pop­u­lar Café Arabe. Both places are well known by locals in the souk, in case you need to ask for directions.

Jardin Secret on the left, Café Arabe on the right, walk until you reach the cross­roads with the arch­ways. Turn left here and fol­low the alley.

There are a few stores and a (hid­den) bureau de change, then a junc­tion on the left to a wide, short dead end road. Con­tin­ue straight ahead.

At the next junc­tion there is a store sell­ing sand­wich­es on the cor­ner and here you have to turn left into the alley called Derb Tizougarine.

In the small alley there is a bak­ery on the left, the entrance to a mosque on the right and then the first cross alley on both sides. Con­tin­ue straight ahead and then turn right into the next alley.

Then walk straight towards our front door and you have arrived.

Map of Marrakech - Cafe Arabe to Riad Selouane
Cafe Arabe to Riad Selouane
Entrance to Derb Tizougarine at daytime.
Entrance to Derb Tizougarine at daytime.

How to find us — from the new city

If you are com­ing from the direc­tion of the new city, your start­ing point is the taxi stand at Dar el Bacha. Dar el Bacha is one of the roy­al palaces in Mar­rakech and every local knows it. The Riad is bare­ly 300 m from here and you can’t get any clos­er by car.

From there, walk along the wide pedes­tri­an street past the palace towards the city cen­tre. There are some exclu­sive antique shops in this alley, which is why this neigh­bor­hood is also called Quarti­er des Anti­quaires.

On the right side is the Restau­rant Dar Donab, then on the left side you pass Restau­rant Babouche.

Short­ly after­wards, there is a store sell­ing sand­wich­es on the left-hand side.

You have to turn into this alley called Derb Tizougarine.

In the small alley there is a bak­ery on the left, the entrance to a mosque on the right and then the first cross alley on both sides. Con­tin­ue straight ahead and then turn right into the next alley.

Then you will see our front door and you have arrived.

Map of Marrakech - How to find us - Dar el Bacha to Riad Selouane
Dar el Bacha to Riad Selouane
Entrance to Derb Tizougarine at night.
Entrance to Derb Tizougarine at night.

If you get lost

Don’t pan­ic, get­ting lost is part of an event­ful stay in Marrakech!

Don’t wor­ry, so far every one of our guests has found their way back. Keep calm and try to reach one of the places men­tioned above: Jardin Secret or Dar el Bacha. From there, it’s easy with our directions.

If you need to ask some­one for direc­tions, ask oth­er tourists first. Don’t ask for our Riad, but for well-known places like the Jardin Secret.

If you ask locals, you must expect to pay them for help­ing you .In the med­i­na there are many boys who make a good busi­ness with lost tourists and quite often you end up in a car­pet bazaar rather than in our Riad. Such a sit­u­a­tion is usu­al­ly best mas­tered with humor…

With inter­net recep­tion, you can find your way around the med­i­na quite eas­i­ly using Google Maps. Although not every alley and every turn-off is real­ly marked cor­rect­ly, the rough direc­tion can be deter­mined this way. If you don’t have inter­net recep­tion, find a café, drink a mint tea and use the inter­net there. If you then ask for direc­tions when pay­ing, they will be hap­py to help you — and the mint tea is def­i­nite­ly cheap­er than the car­pet bazaar!

Arrival by vehicle

As Riad Selouane is locat­ed in the old town, we can only be reached on foot. There are a few park­ing spaces along the road in the imme­di­ate vicin­i­ty where you can park your car, but these are usu­al­ly occu­pied and dif­fi­cult to get hold of.

In any case, please inform us in advance so that we know you need a park­ing space and we can help you.

Please call the Riad about half an hour before arrival. Our man­ag­er Nouri will come to Dar el Bacha and help you find a park­ing space. He will then help you with your lug­gage and guide you to the Riad.

For Google Maps, please enter: Restau­rant Dar Moha (Rue dar el Bacha 81)

This restau­rant is locat­ed direct­ly oppo­site the Roy­al Palace, so you’ll end up in exact­ly the right place.

Arrival from the airport

Most of our guests arrive at Mar­rakech-Menara Air­port. From there, you will need to take a taxi or bus to the med­i­na and walk the last part of the way to Riad Selouane. Here you get a first impres­sion of the live­ly hus­tle and bus­tle in the souks and can famil­iarise your­self with the imme­di­ate surroundings.

To make your arrival at the Riad eas­i­er, we are hap­py to arrange trans­port from the air­port in an air-con­di­tioned car.

Please con­tact us a few days before your arrival to arrange the details.

General map: where to find Riad Selouane in Marrakech
Riad Selouane in Marrakech

Transfer airport — Riad Selouane

  • Cost: 15 € for up to 3 people/ 20 € for 4 people
  • to be paid in cash on arrival at the Riad
  • air-con­di­tioned vehicle
  • if pos­si­ble eng­lish speak­ing driver
  • pick up at the entrance of the Med­i­na by one of our staff members
  • guid­ance to Riad Selouane

To make a reser­va­tion, we will need your air­lineflight num­ber and arrival time. With this infor­ma­tion we can check the flight for pos­si­ble delays before your arrival.

Please book our pick-up ser­vice at least 2 days before arrival so that we can be sure to have a car avail­able. You can arrange your depar­ture with our man­ag­er on site at the Riad.

Request your trans­fer to Riad Selouane

If you have booked our pick-up ser­vice, the dri­ver will be wait­ing for you out­side the air­port build­ing. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, dri­vers are not allowed to wait for you inside the build­ing. You will rec­og­nize the dri­ver by the sign that says Riad Selouane. He will dri­ve you to Dar el Bacha, the old roy­al palace on the edge of the med­i­na, where you will be met by a mem­ber of our staff. Since the entire med­i­na is car-free, from there you will con­tin­ue on foot.

Many of our guests only trav­el with car­ry-on bag­gage, so the 300 meters to the Riad are eas­i­ly man­age­able. Our staff will guide you to the hotel and help you with your lug­gage. At the Riad you will be wel­comed with a tra­di­tion­al mint tea and can recov­er from the numer­ous new impressions.

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